Text Analytics

The term “text analytics” refers to the extraction of meaning or information through content analysis and by sentiment analysis. Text from open-ended questions in surveys, CRM systems, IVR systems, customer complaints or comments, social media, entries of salespeople, or comments on a website can all be source data for text analytics.

The explosion of keyboard-generated text related to the widespread use of PCs, tablets, smartphones, the Internet, and social media over the past decade has resulted in large volumes of textual data. This textual data can contain valuable, insightful information, but many companies simply do not have time to read and analyze it, much less search for an automated way to assist them with this analysis.

Nuance offers a solution to this dilemma by offering text-analytic services via software systems that automatically extract, analyze, and report the meaning and information from text. However, be aware that the results of text analytics are approximations (crude indicators of truth and trends), and results should be verified by other methods and other data. While text-analytic software systems are useful, they cannot take the place of the human brain.

Content Analysis

After gaining an understanding of your needs, Nuance will conduct content analysis in order to create a summary of the topics and themes extracted from any form of data you have. We utilize natural-language processing (NLP), a machine-based way of detecting parts of speech, to capture this information.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is the calculation of the overall emotion of text. A sentiment score is assigned, which depicts the data's level of negative or positive attitude. This score ranges from -2 to +2. data.

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