We help clients discover the meaning behind the words

Surveys, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, social media data, and other types of feedback systems create massive amounts of unstructured data (voice and text). Most of this data is never fully analyzed or understood.

At Nuance, a Decision Analyst® company, we help companies extract, understand, and quantify the meaning of verbatim comments (answers to open-ended questions or prompts).

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Coding Options

Nuance codes text files, handwritten text, audio-recorded comments (phone surveys, CRM, or IVR responses), and images. So regardless of the type of customer feedback, we can code the responses to extract the substance...

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Text Analytics

Do you have thousands of customer comments but no time to read them to discover what they are saying? Are you unsure which format your data should be in? Are you curious about the advantages of both verbatim coding...

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A little over a year ago, we discovered Nuance and I'm so happy we did! Their in-language coding capabilities allowed us to shorten timelines and red…

Senior Research Manager
Top National Full-Service Research Company

All our open-end coding is handled by Nuance. They are great to work with and do a fantastic job of consulting with us to help develop our coding cat…

Data and Insights Manager, Global Leadership Organization

Coding thousands of open-ended survey responses seemed overwhelming until we discovered Nuance. If you’re looking for professionals with hands-on ser…

Founder, Consultancy in the Cannabis Industry

Our company has taken several surveys of our membership on various topics. There have been at least two occasions when a more detailed analysis of th…

Chief of Staff
HVAC Industry

We conducted a major international survey project in numerous languages. For each open-ended question, Nuance coded the responses in …

Director, Consumer Insights
Ministries Organization

Nuance is refreshing in their approach. They’re friendly, good to work with and do a quality thorough coding job time after time. Our Project Manager…

Director of Operations
Full-Service Marketing Research Company

Nuance is my go-to partner for all of my coding needs. Their ‘can do’ attitude and quick responsiveness makes them ideal and easy to work with. Fro…

--Sr. ProjectDirector
Full-service Research Company

Nuance has been a lifesaver! We work with Lisa and Claire to code ongoing survey results. Claire is a master of code frames! I always feel cheery aft…

Quantitative Research Program Lead, Global Work Management Tool Company

We've used Nuance's coding services for several of our projects. Nuance understands our vision and goals when it comes to delivering easy-to-understa…

Research Manager
Hispanic Market Research Company

I'm very happy to have Nuance as our partner for coding needs. They are responsive, detail-oriented, and very professional. I can always depend on th…

Senior Manager, Market Research Transportation Industry

I can always count on Nuance to provide excellent, highly detailed coding for our open-ended questions. They offer reliable and fast service across m…

Research Director, Global Provider of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market Research

We have had a wonderful experience working with Nuance for our coding needs. Not only are they quick and professional, they also have an internal QA …

Global Translation Services Company

I was referred to Nuance by another partner of mine, and I have been more than thrilled with their work! Their quality, turn-around times, and the u…

Owner & CEO
Full Service Marketing Research Company

Nuance has been such a wonderful extension to our team. Lisa and Claire are so personable and such a pleasure to work with. They are extremely resp…

VP, Analytical Services, Full-Service Research Agency

Working with Nuance on coding of open questions is really a pleasure! The entire team is really reliable and available to answer to our needs and req…

Modeling Manager, Segmentation & Surveys
European Full-Service Research Company

I chose Nuance to carry out a major survey of the U.S. financial sector being conducted from abroad. From the outset, the team was extremely helpful…

Postgraduate Student,
London, U.K.

We hired Nuance to provide in-language, verbatim coding services across multiple countries and languages. They are very responsive an…

Full-Service Research Company

We have been working with Nuance for the past two years for our coding and tabbing needs. On every project, the Nuance team has delivered cross-tabs…

Director, Client Services & Operations
Global Data Collection Company

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About Us

Nuance began as the internal Coding Department of Decision Analyst over 30 years ago. The whole focus has always been on providing extremely high-quality coding services to support Decision Analyst's advanced, sophisticated marketing research projects worldwide. Over time, the Coding Department has evolved into Nuance, a stand-alone company, so that it can better serve the coding needs of other research companies and corporate clients.

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Nuance is ISO 27001:2022 Certified

Nuance is committed to industry quality and maintains certification in ISO/IEC 27001:2022, the international standard for information technology, security techniques, information security management systems.

Latest Article

The Human Touch: A Case for Verbatim Coding

The inclusion of a few good, open-ended questions in surveys meant that questionnaires could be more concise. Very often a well-crafted, open-ended question could take the place of 10 to 20 closed-end questions. The open-ended question could reveal what we (the survey creators) did not know. The rise of open-ended questions injected a qualitative element into quantitative surveys and made surveys more effective in revealing the truth.

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Our Coding Services

When you need to uncover the nuances of meaning in verbatims, we can help.

Verbatim Coding

In marketing research, verbatim coding is the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures so that information and meaning can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

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Multilingual Verbatim Coding

Coding verbatim comments "in language" saves money and time over translating text into English prior to coding. Utilizing our services for coding in these languages means you won't have to pay for translations or...

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Text Analytics

The term “text analytics” refers to the extraction of meaning or information through content analysis and by sentiment analysis. Text from open-ended questions in a survey, CRM systems, IVR systems, customer complaints...

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Digital Media

The advances in technology make it easier for people, now more than ever, to share images and photos, as well as video and audio files. However, the interpretation of these digital files is dependent on...

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