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We know that the quality of insight and actionability derived from verbatims depends upon how well content is collected, categorized, analyzed, and reported. Our processes have been developed based on thousands of projects fielded in many countries around the world. When you need to uncover the nuances of meaning in verbatims, we can help.

We are a global company, employing persons with firsthand cultural experiences of the languages they code. Our experienced coding staff (who have an average tenure of over 11 years) and rigorous quality-assurance systems ensure that projects are completed at the highest level. Our coders excel at creating concise and accurate coding classifications, as well as making finely shaded distinctions among complex thoughts and ideas.

Our experience informs us about bias and error and how to eliminate them. You deserve responsive service that is economical, accurate, and fast, and we are ready to deliver it!

We partner with both market research firms and corporate entities.

Our Services

When you need to uncover the nuances of meaning in verbatims, we can help.

Verbatim Coding

In marketing research, verbatim coding is the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures so that information and meaning can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively.

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Multilingual Verbatim Coding

Coding verbatim comments "in language" saves money and time over translating text into English prior to coding. Utilizing our services for coding in these languages means you won't have to pay for translations or...

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Text Analytics

The term “text analytics” refers to the extraction of meaning or information through content analysis and by sentiment analysis. Text from open-ended questions in a survey, CRM systems, IVR systems, customer complaints...

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Digital Media

The advances in technology make it easier for people, now more than ever, to share images and photos, as well as video and audio files. However, the interpretation of these digital files is dependent on...

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History of Coding

The history of coding and text analytics traces back to World War II and the development of "content analysis" by governmental intelligence services. That is, intelligence analysts would read documents, magazines, records, dispatches, etc., from a foreign country and assign numeric codes to different topics, concepts, or ideas. By summing up these numeric codes, the analyst could quantify the different concepts or ideas and track them over time.

This approach was further developed by the survey research industry after World War II. Today, as then, open-ended questions in surveys are analyzed by a coding specialist reading the textual answers and assigning numeric codes. These codes are then summarized in tables so that the analyst has a quantitative measure of what people are saying. This human coding of unstructured responses remains the gold standard of text analytics. It leverages the power of the human mind to discern subtleties and understand context.