Frequently Asked Questions

What format do you need data in?

Data files should be delivered in Excel or tab-delimited format.

What format is data delivered in?

Do you provide any graphs or charts as a deliverable?

For verbatim coding, how many mentions are open-ended codes set at?

Can my codeframe (codebook) be used?

Is any data other than the verbatims needed?

How much does coding cost?

What languages can you code in?

If the verbatims are not in English, do they need to be translated?

Do you provide translation services?

What is text analytics?

What are the advantages of both verbatim coding and text analytics?

I have thousands of verbatim comments and no time to read them! Can text analytics provide insights for me?

How much does a text analytics solution cost?

How much time does coding or text analytics take?

Where are you located?